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Imagine what can happen when people like you join together to create a positive change in our foster care system.

Postcards From The Soul

FCAA is proud to announce the availability of its newest publication: Postcards From The Soul. When you open this full-color book, you'll see into the depths of the often-hidden emotions of people who have shared extraordinary experiences. This collection of postcards is both moving and illuminating. The emotions are raw and genuine. Every postcard tells a piece of the life story of a real person.

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I Am Here Campaign

FCAA is launching a national I Am Here campaign. I Am Here is a multi-media campaign to raise awareness about the needs of foster youth, and to let youth in care know that their alumni family is here for them.  Our messages will be on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and email, reaching youth and alumni all across the U.S.!

Watch the I Am Here video below. Then, post the video on your Facebook  page and send a Tweet to your network.  Join our efforts to transform foster care, and help us show the 450,000 youth in care that together, I Am Here.

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We are building a permanent, extended-family community. Through FCAA, you forever have a place to belong—something so many of us didn’t find growing up.

We are creating opportunities to use our hard-won expertise to improve the lives of people in and from foster care.

We are changing the culture of foster care.

Whether you are an alumnus of foster care or an ally, please join us as we Connect Today…Transform Tomorrow. Click here for definitions of alumni and ally.



We estimate there are 12 million alumni of foster care and 800,000 foster care professionals in the United States.

Can you imagine the changes we can make when even a small percentage of us get together?

Can you envision how your own life and work will be improved by being part of a giant network of people working together to change foster care for the next generations?

It really matters that you’re here. Learn more about how you can get involved.


FLUX: Life after Foster Care

With powerful stories, artwork, guidance and support from more than 100 alumni, FLUX was written to support young people in the emotional transition from foster care to adulthood.
FLUX brings honest, useful, and juicy real-life expertise that can only come from those of us who have experienced the system first hand. We explore bio family relationships, building support systems, parenting, and intimacy topics. We talk about our struggles and our successes.
To order FLUX, visit our online store
To download a sample chapter--about navigating bio family relationships--click here.
To learn more about the authors, funder and content of FLUX, click here.
Learn how to bring FLUX Training to your community, click here.

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