Open Positions FCAA Board of Directors

Darryn Green, Debora Elvins, Nia Clark, Constance Krebs, Alex Ambros, Travis Lloyd, Chris Downs, Chereese Philips, Chauncey Strong, Mary Herrick, Berisha Black, April Curtis, Lupe Tovar

Darryn Green, Debora Elvins, Nia Clark, Constance Krebs, Alex Ambroz, Travis Lloyd, Chris Downs, Chereese Phillips, Chauncey Strong, Mary Herrick, Berisha Black, April Curtis, Lupe Tovar

Foster Care Alumni of America, National Board of Directors

Call for Applications for New Board Members for Expanded FCAA Board

February 2017


Foster Care Alumni of America (FCAA) is a national charitable organization working to harness the knowledge and strength of alumni of foster care.  FCAA believes that the firsthand knowledge alumni have of the foster care system gives them an expertise that is powerful for improving foster care policy and practice.  FCAA provides alumni with ways to connect with each other, share their experiences, and enrich the lives of children and youth who are still in care.  


The FCAA National Board of Directors is responsible for guiding the organization and is accountable for organizational performance.  Mary Herrick currently serves as our President and Chereese Phillips as Board Chair.  FCAA’s National Board provides links between the organization and alumni members who “own” the organization.  The National Board also supports state FCAA chapters in a variety of ways.  


The National Board is pleased to announce that it has decided to expand its number of Directors to 21 and is re-opening a search for qualified applicants for Board Membership.


Please note: if you previously applied with an application deadline date of October 31, 2016, please do NOT apply again. We have your dossiers. 


These new Board positions will begin as soon as qualified applicants have successfully interviewed with the Governance Committee and the National Board. Director Positions are for 2 calendar year terms and are renewable.


These are the required qualifications for all candidates:


  1. FCAA Membership is current.  Need to join or make your membership current?  Please go to and become a current FCAA member.
  2. A commitment to FCAA’s mission and alumni ownership.
  3. Systems and strategic thinking and a “big picture” perspective.
  4. Ability and eagerness to support the long-term vitality of FCAA.
  5. Ability to participate respectfully in deliberation.
  6. Willingness to delegate, lead, follow, or serve on a team, depending on the challenge.
  7. Commitment to strengthen FCAA’s anti-racist, culturally competent and diverse organization.
  8. Willingness to grow the organization and contribute to the Board.
  9. Commitment of time/effort to prepare for and attend Board meetings, and contribute to the organization through fundraising, member and program development, committee participation, and public speaking.
  10. An annual financial commitment of any size comfortable for each specific Director, with contributions of $5 and $50,000 received with gratitude.
  11. Willing and able to commit about 12 hours per month to FCAA National Board work, broken down roughly into 7 hours for general Board work, 3 hours for committees, and 2 hours for state chapter liaison work.  
  12. Willingness to attend full Board meetings via conference calls every third Sunday of the month, lasting about 2 hours in the afternoon.  
  13. Willingness to attend an in-person Board meeting in the fall (travel expenses for this will be offset as necessary).  


These are the preferred qualifications for all candidates:


  1. Experience in foster care as an infant, child, or youth.  Please note that allies of foster alumni who were themselves never in care are also welcome to apply; allies are expected to demonstrate a logical and sustained commitment to current and/or alumni of foster care.
  2. Past participation and contribution to one or more other board-like groups.
  3. Experience with strategic planning for an organization.
  4. Knowledge of public policy, advocacy, research, or practice in child welfare or related disciplines.
  5. Fundraising experience.  
  6. Background and/or interests in areas of greatest need for the current Board (this is assessed via the FCAA Governance Survey for Applicants).


The Board of Directors will give additional preference to candidates who also have expertise and interest in any of the following.  (Note:  you are not disqualified if you do not have any of these).


  • Fund Development involving Special Projects or Events – Fundraising for specific events, such as walk/run fund-raisers, telethons, etc.
  • Fund Development involving Corporate, Organizational, or Individual Donors – Organizational fundraising by approaching corporations, large charitable organizations, or individual contributors and securing funding
  • Fund Development Research – Skills involving researching any kind of potential donors using web-based, networking or other means of research
  • Marketing and communications Creating content for an organization’s external messaging, including media communications, messages to donors, and marketing to potential members
  • Membership and Chapter Development – Reviewing and shepherding new chapter applications, supporting existing chapters, supporting frequent monthly all-chapter calls, and identifying and supporting new members of all types (individual, corporate, foundation)


To apply, please supply the following SIX (6) documents no later than 5:00 PM Pacific time, Wednesday, March 15, 2017:


  1. Cover Letter.  A cover letter (in PDF or DOCX format preferred) stating your interest in serving on the FCAA Board and indicating that you are a current FCAA member.  Please also include multiple means for us to contact you (phone numbers, e-mails).
  2. Short Biography.  A short biography of no more than one (1) page telling the Board about yourself.
  3. Resume.  A current resume or curriculum vita.
  4. References. A single page listing no fewer than 3 references who can provide input into your suitability for the Board.
  5. Statement. A statement no longer than one (1) page as to why you want to serve as a Director and why you are qualified.
  6. Survey. Completion and submission of the FCAA Governance Survey for Applicants which you can access here.


These 6 documents should be clearly identified by name in separate PDF or DOCX documents as part of your application.  Only complete applications including all 6 documents and received by the deadline will be considered.  


Please note that late and incomplete applications will not be considered.  


Send your materials electronically to .


Because of the anticipated strong interest in serving, candidates should not be discouraged if they are not selected — the FCAA Board has different needs in different years, depending on the present board composition.


The Governance Committee of FCAA will conduct phone interviews with candidates who appear to meet our present requirements and needs sometime after March 16, 2017. All applicants will be informed of the Board’s final decisions.

Questions?  Contact Dr. Chris Downs, FCAA Director and Chair of the Governance Committee at


Applications need to be submitted no later than 5:00 PM Pacific time, Wednesday, March 15, 2017.