National Community Art Project – The Culture of Foster Care

Our shared experiences form the basis of a shared culture—the culture of foster care. Explore and share the culture of foster care through our community art project.

Alumni of the foster care system have a great deal in common, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, geography, education, or occupation.


Foster Care Alumni of America began exploring the culture of foster care in 2004 through our national community art project, where people in and from foster care share their observations, insights, and lessons from their foster care experiences on postcards.


You can create your own postcards and submit them to FCAA by taking a photo or scanning your artworks and emailing it to


The Culture of Foster Care Art Project has been used to educate foster care professionals and the general public about our culture and to build community among foster care alumni at the same time. Visit the Culture of Foster Care Art Project video slideshow.


Postcards-from-the-soul-coverPostcards From the Soul is a full-color book of postcard art created by alumni of foster care. These original, creative postcards are both moving and illuminating. You’ll see into the depths of the often-hidden emotions of people who have shared extraordinary experiences. The emotions are raw and genuine. Every postcard tells a piece of the life story of a real person.


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