Foster Sharing Training – Strategic Sharing

Strategic sharing is telling our life stories in a way that is meaningful, effective, and safe.

Strategic sharing requires making good choices when we tell our life stories so that our voices can be heard, our message is effective, and our well-being is protected.


Ideally, sharing our personal experiences as alumni of foster care educates, influences, and inspires others, and makes a difference for the ones who come after us in foster care. At its worst, sharing our experiences can feel manipulative or exploitative, and oversharing can lead to harmful consequences.


Since 2004, Foster Care Alumni of America has been supporting its members to share their stories strategically. Today we offer the Foster Sharing training, developed by expert trainer and Foster Care Alumni of America member, Angie Cross. The Foster Sharing training helps participant to:

  • Identify opportunities in a safe, effective, and strategic way
  • Understand how to maximize their credibility
  • Practice developing and delivering their personal story


Foster Care Alumni of America partnered with Casey Family Programs to developed the Strategic Sharing booklet to support foster care alumni in making good decisions about when and how to share their experiences. The booklet also provides some advice for professionals who ask young people and alumni of foster care to publicly share their experiences.


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