Nevada Chapter

“I am inspired by the foster care alumni community. Despite the challenges they have faced as children, they are passionate and driven about making a change in the child welfare system. The connections I have built through FCAA have made me a better leader and advocate. I hope to continue growing and connecting with other foster care alumni in transforming the child welfare system.”

Madison Sandoval-Lunn, NV Co-Founder and Chapter Leader

The Nevada Chapter of Foster Care Alumni of America began in March 2013. Currently, we are active in the Clark County region, but we hope to support the development of a northern chapter in the near future. We primarily hold our meetings via teleconference and meet face-to-face quarterly. We also host annual leadership retreats, holiday dinners, and social activities. As a chapter, we draw public awareness by engaging child welfare professionals and media in conversations surrounding the needs of foster children and aged-out youth. We support the local child welfare agency in training new workers by sharing our foster care experiences. Currently, we are partnering with the CASA Foundation in building a college mentorship program. Moving forward, we hope to be recognized as experts in the child welfare system and continue enacting change in our community.


The chapter has not held formal elections. Currently, our leaders include:

Judy Tudor, Chapter Leader
Madison Sandoval-Lunn, Chapter Leader

Connect With Us

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Foster Care Alumni of America chapters are comprised of volunteers who operate under our 501(c)(3) non-profit tax and legal status as well as our mission, vision, and values.

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