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Second Annual Thanksgiving Dinner 2014


Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for families to come together and enjoy being in the company of one another. However, for many who have lived in foster care and have no real connection to this holiday with their family, this can be a very difficult time.


In November, Foster Care Alumni of America Illinois Chapter partnered with Struggling Youth Equal Successful Adults and Be Strong Families to hold a Thanksgiving dinner that represented the many cultures in the foster care system. Through events like this one, we are able to be that family former foster youth need. We as alumni of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services child welfare system are bringing together former youth in care to begin a tradition of eating and enjoying each other’s company.

Fourth Annual Family Reunion


In today’s society, youth are emancipating from the Department of Children and Family Services at an alarming rate.  In 2012, Cook County alone had over 500 young adults leave state care. Statistics show that these former foster wards have trying times transitioning into adulthood after emancipation. They face many challenges that range from finding stable housing, being gainfully employed, to finishing school. The Foster Care Alumni of America Illinois Chapter has partnered with other supporting agencies across the Chicago area to host the 4th Annual Alumni Picnic. This picnic is a way to celebrate the successes of former wards, but more importantly welcome the new class of alumni to a family that will be with them for life.

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